YITU Pushing Boundaries With New Mandarin Speech Recognition Technology

YITU launches its self-developed Mandarin speech recognition system in Beijing, Dec. 11.

Beijing, December 11 2018 — China’s leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) company YITU Technology has unveiled the most precise Mandarin speech recognition system in the market, showcasing unprecedented levels of accuracy achieved by such technology thus far.

YITU’s system achieved a character error rate (CER) of 3.71 percent when recognising speeches in Mandarin, 20 percent lower than the current best-in-class technology. The result was tested on the world’s largest dataset of Mandarin speech corpus, AISHELL-2. CER is a common index in speech recognition in Mandarin as the character is the most basic element in the Chinese language. It is the equivalent of the word error rate in the field of English speech recognition.

YITU’s system scored top marks under multiple scenarios in terms of accuracy, speed and the ability to transcribe when a speech is combined with both English and Mandarin. YITU achieved such results using self-developed innovations in data collecting and data labeling, as well as tools such as training systems and algorithm models.

Different scenarios and conditions such as accents may significantly affect the accuracy rates of speech recognition technology.  YITU researchers experimented with the most common scenarios such as phone calls, voice commands, dialogues in quiet environments, audio programmes, and speeches with accents to refine its capabilities and train the AI system.

As human-machine interactions play an increasingly pivotal role in shaping people’s lives, speech recognition is widely regarded to be the first and primary entry to be applied to commercial scenarios. As such, speech recognition is widely regarded as a frontier that global AI companies cannot afford to miss. YITU’s speech recognition system will be used to augment and expand the landscape of the multiple AI solutions offered by the company, most of which is based on its state-of-the-art computer vision technology.

Speech recognition technology had an early start but was initially hindered by the high cost, huge amounts of data and lack of researchers, as well as the various scenarios that can get too complex for speech recognition systems to recognise and apply. Lu Hao, Chief Innovation Officer of YITU, said, “Performances of currently available technologies on the market are mixed and can only fulfill a few basic features. YITU’s goal in starting its own speech recognition research was to address challenges in this promising industry”.

Having reached this milestone achievement, YITU will continue to invest and make contributions to speech recognition to push the boundaries of this technology.


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