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YITU’s Smart Security solutions enable cities and corporations to meet diverse and ever changing security challenges head-on. Leveraging powerful computer vision capabilities and driven by world-class AI algorithms, the platform proved Smart Security solutions that can be deployed at airports, transportation hubs, commercial centres, shopping malls and other urban locations.

YITU’s proprietary facial recognition platform brings together robust computer vision algorithms, distributed data storage and processing capabilities, and is capable of recognising a face amongst one billion facial images within one second.


YITU’s AI solutions help improve citizens’ lives by creating safe, smart and secure cities globally. Leveraging the power of AI, YITU seeks to drive the next phase of Smart City transformations and enhance the way we live, work and play.

YITU’s Smart City solutions have been implemented in facilities and management to strengthen security frameworks in commercial complexes and residences, and also real-time analysis of traffic data to optimize road conditions and facilitate urban planning.


YITU’s healthcare team of AI scientists, big data experts and senior medical consultants are focused on developing Smart Healthcare solutions that meet evolving healthcare needs. YITU has applied AI technologies to large volumes of medical data such as medical imaging, medical records, genetics, medical tests and research to create an integrated platform for medical data analysis, including data ETL (extract, transform and load), data annotation, model training and clinical workflow optimisation.


Led by rapid advancements in AI, banks and financial services providers are increasingly shifting away from traditional financial services to financial technology. YITU’s AI solutions help financial institutions transform, streamline and improve their financial processes and operational efficiency.

Offering both retail and institutional applications across industries such as banking, internet finance, insurance, securities, finance, fund management and auto finance, YITU’s full range of Smart Finance solutions are customised to meet future business needs, now.


Combining AI, cognition and connectivity, YITU’s Smart Hardware is designed to see, hear and sense surrounding environments, providing richer insights.

YITU’s Smart Hardware integrates machine vision, speech recognition and human-computer interaction to elevate user experiences across all channels and touch-points across the security, financial and healthcare industries.

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